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Thank you, Mr. President.

We align our statement with the one (to be) delivered by the European Union and we would like to add the following points in our national capacity.

Mr. President,

This week we mark one year since the Russian leadership decided to invade Ukraine and to wage war against a sovereign country – a decision taken and implemented, let us not forget, while the Security Council was in session, discussing ways to prevent it.

Since then, we are counting 365 days of an unprovoked and unjustifiable aggression, which grossly violates the International Law and in particular the Charter of the United Nations.

We condemn Russia, in the strongest terms, for this war and for its irresponsible nuclear rhetoric.

The loss of life and human suffering caused by this war cannot let us indifferent. The humanitarian situation is dramatic, having triggered the worst refugee crisis in Europe since World War II.

The figures are staggering – thousands have died, and millions left the country or became internally displaced.

The strategy of relentlessly attacking critical infrastructure, with a tremendous impact on the civilian population, is particularly reprehensible. 

Portugal supports the sovereignty, independence, unity, and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

We will continue to provide assistance to its government and people, both bilaterally and in the frameworks of the European Union and of the United Nations, for as long as it takes.

Portugal is fast approaching the 60.000 requests for temporary protection and our humanitarian aid continues to grow. We are also engaged in the reconstruction of schools, namely in the Zhytomyr Region.

Mr. President,

Beyond Ukraine, the consequences of the war are felt more severely by the most vulnerable populations, suffering from the combined impacts of the food, fuel, and financial crisis.

This emergency special session presents an occasion to highlight the important role the United Nations have been playing in mitigating the global consequences of this war. 1600 million people worldwide live in food insecurity, a figure that tends to get worse.

The Black Sea Grain Initiative, has so far allowed the shipment of more than 21 million tonnes of grain, reaching regions where it is most needed. This is a remarkable achievement of the UN, also due to the personal commitment of Secretary-General Guterres. We hope that all parties will acknowledge the crucial importance of this initiative, ensuring its continuity.

Many Agencies, Funds and Programs in the UN system are doing everything within their capacity to address the global consequences of the war. Just to mention a few:

the International Organization for Migration, dealing with an unparalleled refugee crisis in a remarkable way;

the International Atomic Energy Agency, because this war has sadly revived the dread of a nuclear disaster;

UNICEF, which has sought to minimize the impact of war for 7.5 million Ukrainian children;

the Human Rights Council, whose establishment of an Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine is of paramount importance;

the World Food Programme and the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs are among many others whose work has really made a difference for so many.

Mr. President,

Since the beginning of the war, this General Assembly has approved several resolutions, with the support of a significant majority of its members. We must remain united, conveying our condemnation of this war, conveying that the achievement of a comprehensive, just, and lasting peace would indeed constitute a significant – and necessary, I would add – contribution to strengthening international peace and security, as mentioned in the draft Resolution before us.

We gather here today to protect the multilateral system and uphold our respect for International Law, Human Rights, and the peaceful resolution of disputes between States. Furthermore, Portugal is fully committed to ensuring accountability and will continue to support initiatives aimed at preventing violations, fighting impunity, and providing reparation to Ukraine.

Portugal supports all meaningful efforts to bring an end to this war of aggression. The path for peace is for Russia to act in accordance with the UN Charter and respect the sovereignty of Ukraine, withdrawing from its entire territory. We believe that the draft Resolution before us is an important step in that direction and we encourage all the Member States to support it.

I thank you.

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